dte text editor


A small and easy to use console text editor.



dte screenshot


dte can be installed via package manager on the following platforms:

OS Install command
Debian apt-get install dte
Ubuntu apt-get install dte
Arch Linux (AUR) $AUR_HELPER -S dte
Void Linux xbps-install -S dte
Slackware (SlackBuilds) See: SlackBuild Usage HOWTO
FreeBSD pkg install dte
DragonFly BSD (DPorts) pkg install dte
OpenBSD pkg_add dte
NetBSD (pkgsrc) pkg_add dte
OS X (Homebrew) brew tap yumitsu/dte && brew install dte
Android (Termux) pkg install dte


To build from source, first ensure the following dependencies are installed:

...then download and unpack the latest release tarball:

curl -LO https://craigbarnes.gitlab.io/dist/dte/dte-1.10.tar.gz
tar -xzf dte-1.10.tar.gz
cd dte-1.10

...and compile and install:

make && sudo make install


After installing, you can access the documentation in man page format via man 1 dte, man 5 dterc and man 5 dte-syntax.

Source Code

The primary git repository and issue tracker is hosted at https://gitlab.com/craigbarnes/dte.

The project is also on various other code hosting sites, but these are only secondary mirrors and may occasionally lag behind GitLab by a few hours.